Wednesday, March 6, 2019 4:16 PM

It’s Not a Time to Give Up!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019 4:16 PM
Wednesday, March 6, 2019 4:16 PM

Oftentimes during the Lenten season, we reflect on sacrifice. We determine what we can give up for 40 days in surrender to our Savior.

What if, instead of giving up on something, we commit to do something more? Doing something more can translate into giving up our comfort zones, to sacrificing our laziness, to give something of ourselves to others in need.

This year during Lent, we are boldly asking you to approach this time as a time of prayer and service and support to protect the unborn.

Pray – Prayers for those on the pro-choice side to experience an opening of their eyes to the loss of humanity. That they would understand the loss isn’t just an embryo or a fetus, it’s a human life a real person that deserves protection. Prayers for lawmakers to choose to defend life. Prayers for women to truly understand the power they have in the act of carrying their child to term and placing them for adoption if they are unable to care for them. Prayers for the continued healing of those who are regretting their abortion. Prayers for ICU Mobile’s continued growth, reaching every single woman in need.

Serve – Contact your local crisis pregnancy center and find out where you can give your time whether that’s filing papers or distributing brochures. Contact women’s shelters to see where you can serve women best who are homeless, pregnant, and hopeless. Contact ICU Mobile to determine volunteer opportunities to help share the good news of hope in life and in the Gospel.

Support – Donate to the efforts of ICU Mobile and pregnancy centers seeking to incorporate a mobile unit into their services. Taking ultrasound and other services into the neighborhoods and communities where women are in need. Your donation helps ensures being there for them. Perhaps start a rule of 3: Replace one coffee, one lunch out, and one small luxury each week with a donation to ICU Mobile. This could translate into roughly $35 per week or $140 per month in support of ICU Mobile’s services to women considering their options. It will make the difference in a life-saving decision.

As you consider your traditional approach to Lent, prayerfully consider the threefold approach to ways you can protect the unborn and make a difference for Christ’s Kingdom.


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