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ICU Mobile launched its first mobile unit in 2004. Today, the Fleet for Little Feet is serving thousands across the country. Since 2013, ICU Mobile has seen over 18,000 decisions for life and over 1,400 decisions for Christ on the mobile units. ICU Mobile is the most effective way to reach women contemplating abortion because we go to them.

Twin Blessings Saved From Abortion

A woman named Gina with ?ve children from ages 2–18 years old had recently escaped an abusive relationship. Overwhelmed and planning an abortion, Gina knew about the ICU Mobile unit in her community and eventually worked up the courage to approach the unit and ask for help. Our team visited with her and she decided to consider adoption. We connected her with a Christian adoption agency. Her precious babies decided to enter the world early, requiring a NICU stay. When Gina saw her babies, she knew that she could not give them up. Gina journeyed from abortion to adoption to giving life and choosing to raise her daughters—completing their family of 8! Recently, Gina returned to the ICU mobile unit and brought her babies, who had just been released from the hospital, to meet with our team again. They set her up for the Earn While You Learn classes so that Gina could receive the emotional, spiritual, and educational support she needs to care for her children. She is also being provided with supplies like diapers, wipes, and clothing. 

God's Prompting to Pursue a Client Leads to a Decision for Life!

While God keeps every client we serve on our hearts, our team member Kelly recently felt called to continually pursue a speci?c woman who had been considering an abortion. When Kelly called her to reach out, the expectant woman was still determined to get an abortion—she even left her appointment to retrieve something she’d left at home and returned to continue the process. As she sat down with the abortion facility sta?er, she was asked if she was “really sure she’d like to go ahead with this abortion,” and still replied yes. Then, in the midst of multiple attempts to perform the abortion, the practitioner ?nally said, “I just can’t do this today,” abruptly canceling and refunding the woman’s money. After her experience, the woman came back to Kelly and they both determined together that God wanted this child to be born. Kelly was joyfully able to support the woman through pregnancy and was so happy to be able to meet and hold the woman’s son—named Legend. Now, the woman can’t imagine her life without her beautiful newborn son and she is so thankful for God’s protection over his life.

Your Gift of Ultrasounds Make Life Real

A woman who we’ll call “Mary” recently visited one of our mobile medical units. Mary was anxious and planning on having an abortion. She had purchased abortion pills and was planning on taking them— yet she hesitated and came to the ICU Mobile unit in her community. The mobile team listened to her story and shared life-a?rming options with her. Then, using the gift of ultrasound, they showed Mary her perfectly formed baby. Still, Mary left unsure and was still considering taking the abortion pills. The team prayed relentlessly and called Mary to encourage her to make a life decision. After several conversations, they received this by email: “Good morning Ann! Wanted to share with you that all is well and we’re keeping the baby! Thank you all for everything.” We praise God that she will be carrying the baby to term and throwing away the abortion pills! We are so grateful that our mobile team was able to be there to provide her with life-giving love and support.

Our ICU Mobile units are able to provide up-close love and support that SAVES LIVES because of your prayer and generous financial support.

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