Serving Women facing unintended pregnancies by offering the Hope and Purpose only found in the gospel, Saving Lives of the unborn using ultrasound technology and advocacy, and Sharing Christ—through word and deed—with each person that steps on an ICU Mobile Unit.

About Us

Providing Hope & Purpose

Through a nationwide network of affiliates, we offer women pregnancy testing, ultrasound services, and a client advocacy program that addresses each client’s unique needs.

Our Impact

ICU Mobile’s mission remains to serve women standing at the crossroads of decision for their pregnancy.  We want to reach more and make a difference by showing them God’s gift of life while planting the seed of His life-saving Gospel.



lives impacted through our mobile units


decisions made for Christ


clients chose life after seeing their baby on an ultrasound


mobile units partnering with 37 affiliates in local communities within 21 states

Join the Fleet

You’re getting more than a vehicle — you get us.

We Provide:

  • Operations & Clinical Training
  • Site Selection & Optimization
  • Mobile Medical Compliance and Licensure
  • Procedures and Coaching on
  • Effectiveness
  • Membership in National Mobile Medical

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 ICU Mobile does everything with excellence! Their mobile units are top-of-the-line and beautiful!  Many of the clients that they serve come in with heavy burdens but through ICU Mobile, they experience the love of Jesus and leave with HOPE for their future.

Amy Ford,

Founder and President of Embrace Grace

 It is more important than ever for pro-life centers and other groups to find women in need. They may not be walking into brick and mortar abortion facilities anymore. We must go to them. The best way to do that is through mobile units. And the best group to partner with on your mobile until is ICU Mobile.

Abby Johnson

CEO and Founder Pro Love Ministries

 If you want to make a difference, I’d encourage you to find out how you can support or partner with ICU Mobile.

Tony Perkins,

President of Family Research Council

 ICU Mobile is strategically advancing life-affirming services to women contemplating abortion.

Tom Glessner,

Founder & President of NIFLA

 ICU is an amazing ministry that brings hope, help, and, most importantly, the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those at risk for abortion.

Roland C. Warren,

President & CEO of CareNet