Thursday, January 26, 2023 2:17 PM

Feminism, Reality

Thursday, January 26, 2023 2:17 PM
Thursday, January 26, 2023 2:17 PM

Women can do anything and everything. We can have it all. 

But, if we were to actually listen to modern-day feminists, we can only have it all and do it all if we don’t have a child or family. 

Remember when feminism first became a thing and someone, in all their wisdom and progressiveness, told all women that we can do anything a man can do - and more! We bought that and paid for it in full, with cash. 

We ran straight into the hyperbole of having a family and a career. We can make money just as well as men can, and we can do it while still managing the care of our children, managing our homes, cleaning, shopping, cooking, and transporting children to school and activities. 

Did we do it all and have it all? We sure did! Because we CAN do anything and everything and have it all. We can do it because we’re to be capable, creative, problem-solving, active people. 

Somewhere along the way, the narrative changed and those same feminists changed their minds and said we can do it all, but if we have a family or children, then we can’t. We can work 80 hours per week, shop, clean, have a relationship, and change the oil in our cars, but we definitely can’t do that if we have a child. Suddenly, a child ruined our ability to have and enjoy all those other things. 

Before, we could go back to college in our thirties and balance a family and a job. Now, if there’s a child in the picture, we suddenly can’t do any of that. 

Why would they have dropped a human life from the lineup of priorities? When did a job become more important than humanity? When did running ourselves into the ground become our definition of success?

True feminism should be to empower women to say yes to family, home, and faith. Really doing it all and having it all should mean our marriages are in tact, we are pursuing a relationship with God and being an example to our children of how to do that, and we view our homes as a place of safety, solitude, and where we want to spend our time pouring into the most important aspects of life: our spouse and our children. 

If women can do those things and have a career, that’s an achievement to be celebrated for sure! But the narrative needs to change to children first. We must be willing to say things like “Do you plan to continue your degree?,” instead of “Do you plan to keep the baby?”

Humans first. When women say they abort because they’re going to school or pursuing their career, they’re simply perpetuating the narrative of modern feminists. We want to hear them say they’re delaying school so they can have their baby. 

Feminists say that men are trying to control us while feminists are the ones who’ve retained the most control over a woman’s mind. 

We think women can do it all, and if we don’t want to, there are a multitude of options that don’t have to end the life of a child. Let’s empower women for what we really can do. 

Let’s empower women to feel strong and brave about seeing through the one thing we can do that men cannot. 

We visit with so many women every day across the country. Help us continue to remind every single one of them that they can have it all.


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