Reaching Women

Who Are Not Coming To Your Center Today

Women headed to the abortion clinic are missed every day by Pregnancy Centers across this country. Where are these women and why do they not come to your center?

Many of these women would never come to a pregnancy center, and here is where a mobile medical clinic makes a difference. Following the commandment in the Bible to GO!, the mobile clinic GOes to them, shows them the LIFE they are carrying and shares the Hope found in the Gospel.

What is involved in launching a Mobile Medical Ministry? What are the costs? How does it work? Where do we park? These are great questions by centers believing they are being called to a mobile medical ministry. To understand this calling and know if it is right for your center, Discern the Call retreats were created to answer these and other questions.

A Discern the Call retreat walks you through what a mobile ministry for your center might look like. Details of what is required to launch a ministry, including services offered, mobile design, staffing, where to park, community engagement and the operational budget are addressed. Successful ICU Mobile teams are also there to answer your questions on what it is really like to be a part of a mobile medical team.

ICU Mobile has been working with Pregnancy Centers since 2003 to help them understand their calling and support them in launching a sustainable mobile ministry. Since 2013, we have seen over 18,000\ women making a life decision on the ICU Mobile Fleet.

If you feel led to move forward, we invite you to participate in one of the “Discern the Call” retreats.

ICU Mobile sees this as a ministry and provides this opportunity at no charge. For this day and a half session, we provide lodging and meals. All you need to do is arrive at one of the Retreat locations.

Sign up to get notified of the next scheduled retreat or if you have questions, contact our Fleet Development Director330.745.4070 Ext 1.

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