Become an Affiliate

We provide a comprehensive solution to mobile ultrasound ministry by providing:

  • Fundraising Support: Our team assists your center in building a strategic mobile ministry capital and operational campaign custom to your donor demographics.  
  • Operations & Clinical Training: While similar to center operations, mobile ministry provides unique operational and clinical circumstances. Our team equips your staff members through the various components of operating a mobile to provide a dignified and professional experience for your clients. 
  • Site Selection & Optimization: Location matters. We analyze over 40+ points of date-specific to your community and assist you in determining where to strategically park to optimize visibility to those clients you wish to reach--the abortion determined. 
  • Mobile Medical Compliance & Licensure: Our team works to ensure your team a safe, reliable, and compliant unit to provide carry out your services. 
  • Procedures and Coaching on Effectiveness: With over 14+ years in the mobile medical ministry arena, ICU Mobile can offer unique perspectives and experience to your team to get proven results. 
  • Membership in National Mobile Medical Community: The affiliates of ICU Mobile make up the second largest medical healthcare fleet in the United States.