Join Us in Taking Love with Every Step!

Join ICU Mobile Cuyahoga in our first Walk for Life:

Love with Every Step.

Save the Date: September 18, 2021!

Walk with us, tour the mobile, or walk with us virtually in your own neighborhood!

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The vision is to maintain our current mobile unit with a goal to use it to expand ministry to another North East Ohio (NEOH) community when the necessary funding to purchase a brand-new mobile medical unit for Cuyahoga County has been raised. The new purchase will provide us the tools to have even greater impact for life across Cuyahoga County.

Your participation and support will save lives! With friends like you we are able to reach women in Cuyahoga County in their greatest moment of need, women struggling with an unplanned pregnancy, women who are seeking peace and care during a difficult time. Your partnership will save the lives of those yet to be born: both babies awaiting their joyous day of birth and women in hope of their eternal salvation in Christ.