ICU Mobile Teams from Across the Country


Friends of the Fleet is the community of God's people called to cover ICU Mobile Teams with prayer and monthly financial support.  These people stand with ICU Mobile in reaching into communities across the country and the reason why lives are being SAVED and lives are being CHANGED by the power of the Gospel.


Friends receive monthly ministry updates and additional information on the impact for the Kingdom is being made because of their support.

How "Friends" are making a difference:

$25 A Month - Sees More Medical Mobile Units Launched

 Centers that work through a guided three-step process of prayer, building a mobile committee, and engaging with those that have gone mobile, move to ministry quickly and with more lives being saved and the Gospel being shared. 

$60 A Month - Sees More Abortion Minded Women Being Reached

When centers have been effectively trained, they see a greater impact in their communities faster. Two recently launched mobile ministries saw a six month average of serving over 200 women with over 170 decisions for life and 5 decisions for Christ. 

$200 A Month - Sees More Unborn Lives Saved

 Effective mobile ministries are out 4-5 days per week and ministering to 10-15 women per week; 80% of women having ultrasounds choose life. The added blessing is seeing women’s lives transformed through the Gospel and their faith renewed in Jesus. God is truly glorified in the impact being made.


Become a Friend of the Fleet and stand in the gap for the unborn and the Gospel across this Nation.